Sue & Sam


Request a chef and their team was amazing from start to finish. Working with Chef Thom was the easiest experience and he truly worked with us on every last detail of our wedding. He helped coordinate our tent rentals...chairs..tables...linens did it all. Our guests raved about the food...the service and everything about our day and we couldn't have done it without Request a Chef or Chef Thom!!! Thank you again for making our day truly amazing!!

– Sam

Tough times for people and businesses alike. Sam and Sue had changed their wedding date twice before they had settled on April, of 2020, way before anyone knew what was going to happen. When the pandemic hit, we made several adjustments to help Sue and Sam celebrate, but keep safe. We also travelled a longer distance than usual to make sure this wedding was successful. The wedding was smaller than most which allowed us to really take extra care of all the details and make sure the bride and groom were happy and well-cared for. In the end, it was a beautiful, wedding with just one hitch.... a marriage between Sue & Sam!


To start, they stuck with us despite having to travel quite a distance due to covid. At that point I knew these guys were special. They really care about their customers. The food was OUTSTANDING for our wedding. It's a good thing they brought business cards because they were swiped up. Chef Thom is an EXTREMELY nice guy who will go above and beyond for you. The staff there the night of our wedding was so sweet and really just made the day so much more special. I grew up in a house where food = love and you can taste the love, care, and heart that goes into these dishes. Additionally, we didn't have a huge budget for food they fit exactly with what we can afford and I wouldn't have changed it. For the $ and the quality you would be foolish to go anywhere else.



  • Pre-packaged (by Request-A-Chef) hummus and pretzel plates
  • Pre-prepared fruit bowls with melon, berries, and pineapple


We changed the menu from buffet-style to gourmet wraps. Choices included:

  • grilled chicken with caesar dressing
  • pork with cucumber sauce
  • grilled veggie with chipotle sauce


Pre-packaged cookie assortment including macadamia nut, chocolate chip and maple butter cookies. We made a personal carrot cake for the couple of the day.